Why Outlook Series Should Be Your Next Railing

The Case for Outlook Series with Square Baluster

Everyone covets a trendy cable rail and as a seller of two cable rail systems, we hardly want to discourage you from purchasing our beautiful horizontal or vertical cable railings. However, we recognize that a cable system doesn’t fit every style and budget. That is why we are putting Key-link’s Outlook railing in the limelight to help you make the most informed purchasing decision.

Over the last decade, we have seen a variety of low-priced aluminum railing products enter the market. Since inception, Key-link has been synonymous with producing high quality railings. The saying, “you get what you pay for” is true, and to compete in this segment, Key-link was challenged with producing a high-quality railing, but at a budget friendly price. There are three ways that manufacturers can reduce prices: use cheaper materials (such as steel), produce a thinner walled product, or reduce the size of the railing. Key-link choose to reduce the size of both the top rail and the baluster. By producing a smaller profile, Outlook maintains the high-quality building standards that Key-link is known for, while improving the viewability of a classic design.

In every industry, savvy marketers use ‘top down’ advertising to draw in salivating customers. For example, Chevrolet dealers typically feature a Corvette in their showroom even though they make up less than 2% of their vehicle sales. A Corvette is not the best daily driver, and most people are better served by purchasing a more practical vehicle. Likewise, if you find that a cable railing does not fit your style or budget, we highly recommend you consider Outlook. Unlike most square baluster railings on the market, the Outlook Series features a 5/8” baluster as opposed to a ¾” or 1-1/2” baluster. Its timeless profile will give you a comparable view of a cable system at a more pocket friendly price point.

Outlooks square baluster aluminum railing compared to vertical cable railing

One can argue that Outlook railing’s traditional profile and square baluster looks better across a wide variety of homes and environments. Its design is traditional enough for a typical American craftsman home, but sleek enough for a contemporary home as well. You can feel confident that Key-link Outlook Railing will provide timeless styling and a quality guardrail for years to come.