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Key-Link Vertical Cable Railing is used on a balcony in an interior environment
Key-Link Railing
American Series Vertical Cable Railing
Superior Quality | Modern Styling | Easy to Install
Key-Link American Series
Vertical Cable Railing Kit

Key-Link vertical cable railing is a unique alternative to horizontal cable for those who are looking for exceptional design. Like their horizontal cable, it’s made with marine grade 316 stainless steel cable and gives homeowners a modern, industrial style.

Vertical cable comes preinstalled in the section, saving contractors time on the job site, and our stainless steel support rods blend in seamlessly with the cable for an uninterrupted view. We carry a variety of accessories to help construct the perfect railing system around your deck or porch.

Accessories & Samples

Key-Link American Series Sample Kit
Gripping Pliers for 1/8" Cable | Key-Link Railing
Sale price $74.86 Regular price $80.49 Save $5.63
Tension Gauge for 1/8" Cable | Loos & Co.
Sale price $195.29 Regular price $209.99 Save $14.70
Stainless Steel Cable Cutter