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    Tension Gauge for 1/8" Cable
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    Key-Link Grip Adapters for 10R Vice Grips
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    Key-Link Gripping Pliers for 1/8" Cable
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    Key-Link Fencing and Railing Tools Stainless Steel Cable Cutter
    Stainless Steel Cable Cutter
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    Simpson Strong-Tie Simpson SDWS Timber Screw (Exterior Grade) 5/16"x4"
    Simpson Strong-Tie Simpson SDWS Timber Screw (Exterior Grade) 5/16"x4"
    Simpson SDWS Timber Screw (Exterior Grade) 5/16"x4"
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    4.5 oz Touch Up Paint for Key-Link Railing
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    Key-Link Vertical Cable Railing

    Are you struggling to find an easy-to-install cable railing solution that doesn't compromise on style and safety? Look no further! Key-Link Vertical Cable Railing provides the perfect alternative for homeowners seeking a contemporary look and unobstructed views, without the complexity of horizontal cable infill.

    At INSO Supply, we understand the importance of an efficient installation process and therefore offer Key-Link Vertical Cable Railing with:

    • Pre-Installed cables make installation both easy, and fast
    • Six on-trend colors in both 36-inch and 42-inch heights
    • Surface-mount posts easily adjusted with adjustable set screws and leveling plate
    • Self-centering railing brackets, eliminating the need for a hole drilling template
    • Exceed residential and commercial building code requirements
    • 100% lifetime product warranty and a 5-year prorated labor warranty
    • Low-maintenance requirements for hassle-free longevity

    Our personalized railing design services make it effortless for you to select the ideal railing solution for your needs. Simply upload a sketch of your deck, and our team of experts will create a customized material list that includes everything necessary to install your new railing.

    Getting a quote is easy:

    1. Gather dimensions of the space you need railing
    2. Upload your dimensions using our quote form
    3. A railing designer will follow up with a post and rail layout and material list

    Don't waste hours researching and compiling railing components. Take advantage of our railing design service and make your project smoother and more efficient.

    Vertical cable railing is the perfect alternative to horizontal cable railing solutions. Choosing our railing design service ensures that your project will be tailored to your specific needs, resulting in a beautiful and easy-to-install railing.

    Don't let the fear of a complicated installation process hold you back. Get a quote today and experience the convenience of Key-Link Vertical Cable Railing.

    Key-Link American Vertical Cable Rail FAQ 

    What is vertical cable rail?

    Key-Link Vertical Cable Railing offers the best of both worlds, combining the unobstructed views of horizontal cable railing with the simple installation process of traditional vertical baluster railing. The prestrung 1/8" diameter cables and stainless steel support balusters give you the benefit of a transparent view while also providing maximum security and stability. Plus, with six color options and adjustable post heights, you can easily find a style that fits your home's décor perfectly.

    What is included in in the vertical cable rail kits?

    Each vertical cable rail kit includes rail section with pre-attached cable, stainless steel support rods, bracket kits and self tapping screws.

    Is a vertical cable rail system safe?

    Absolutely! Vertical cable rail systems provide a high level of safety and security. Key-Link has carefully engineered their products to not only meet but exceed current code compliance. One crucial aspect to consider is the proper tensioning of the cables. This ensures that there are no gaps or loose cables that could potentially pose a hazard to children or animals. By ensuring the correct tension, you can create a secure environment that prioritizes the well-being of everyone around. Safety is paramount, and Key-Link's vertical cable rail systems are designed with this in mind.

    Are vertical cable railing kits preassembled? 

    Installing a vertical cable rail kit is a breeze. Each installation kit includes pre-attached stainless steel cable spindles, meaning no cable assembly required. It simplifies the process and ensures an efficient installation. All you have to do is cut the cable to the desired length, insert the stainless steel support rod, and hang your railing. With these straightforward steps, you'll have your vertical cable railing system up and ready to enjoy in no time.

    Are vertical stair railing kits approved for interior use?

    Key-Link's vertical cable rail kits are approved for both interior and exterior use, giving you the flexibility to create a modern, contemporary look that flows from indoors to out. 

    Are any special tools required?

    If you're planning to install a vertical cable railing, there are a few essential tools that you may not already have. First and foremost is a tension gauge. Maintaining the proper tension is crucial to ensure a safe guardrail. However, you should also be cautious not to over-tighten as it can potentially damage the railing.

    Another valuable tool to have is a set of gripping pliers or gripping adapters. These will help prevent the cable from spinning while you're tensioning it, allowing you to maintain the desired tension without any unwinding.

    Lastly, make sure you have a reliable set of cable cutters. These will come in handy for cutting the cable before you insert the stainless support rods. Having these tools handy will ensure a smooth and successful installation of your vertical cable railing system.