Why 2023 Is the Year You Should Upgrade Your Deck and Outdoor Living Space

2023 is here!  The new year is a great time to start planning for a deck refresh. Have you been trying to decide when is the right time to upgrade your deck? We may be deep into winter months, but the warmer months are rapidly approaching. Keep reading to find out why 2023 is the perfect time to build the deck you want, for less money.

Changing Trends and Changing Priorities
For the past decade, gray decking has been all the rage. However, wood tones are making a comeback. Pairing a black railing and a matching wood tone drink rail, such as the Key-Link Chesapeake Drink Railing, will bring your deck design right up to the cutting edge of current trends. A drink railing makes a great addition to your deck as it gives you a usable flat space for drinks, food, or even as a standing desk for working from home. Transform your deck project to create an office space of sorts, add in beautiful outdoor furniture and imagine being able to work right from the comfort of your stunning new deck!

Chesapeake Series features on trend wood drink rail with black balusters to keep your next deck project at the forefront of deck design trends.

Moving past the height of the pandemic, people are still prioritizing at home comforts. Installing a new outdoor space expands your usable home area. Adding or revamping outdoor areas can be a way to make your home feel more spacious. Why not create a beautiful space that is an extension of your indoor space? With more than triple the amount of remote workers than pre-pandemic, adding a stunning deck can be an oasis without leaving home.

Due to high Interest rates and the average cost of homes, many prospective home buyers are thinking twice about buying a new home. Instead, many homeowners are opting to improve their existing home and hold on to that low interest mortgage. Revamping your deck is a great way to give your home a refresh without having to pay a higher mortgage.

Installing or refreshing decking is a simple home improvement to boost property value while improving your existing quality of life. Backyard spaces feel like an increase to the square footage of livable space in your home.

Upgrading your deck railing to make a usable outdoor living space allows for greater versatility of outdoor areas.

One of the trends that will be hot for 2023 include merging your indoor/outdoor space to increase the flow between inside and outside, making for seamless transitions. Changing your deck railing to match the indoor aesthetic will create a welcoming space that feels like an extension of your home. Your deck can become a bonus space that feels like an increase to the square footage of your home. 

Declining Supply Costs

During the pandemic, lumber prices spiked due to high demand and lumber mills shutting down production. Building supply prices are now coming down from their peak. Since the height of the pandemic, lumber price has decreased in cost by 80%.

Similarly, other products such as aluminum railing was in short supply due to the lack of available raw materials. Many manufacturers reduced their offerings to a few core products. And those products were offered at top dollar prices. For the last 2 years, consumers have had to pay extravagant prices while also having to make compromises due to the lack of choices. No more! Supply chains are normalizing and product choice is back. Key-Link's cable railing and outlook series give numerous options to customize your outdoor area. 

Lower supply costs mean that now is the right time to improve your outdoor space for less! 

Inso carries the Key-Link Outlook Series, which is an affordable option that offers similar sightlines as cable deck railing for less money. It affords you the same high quality that you have come to expect from Key-Link products as well as the options to make your deck look the way you want. The square balusters and vertical posts lend a trendy look to your deck. 

Key-Link Outlook Series features square balusters with a multitude of design choices for color. Has the sightlines of cable railing without the cost. Photo of gray deck with Outlook Series black deck railing overlooking trees.

Another affordable option is to use your existing posts with Key-Link's stainless steel cable infill. This reduces cost due to not having to install new balusters.

Return on Investment

According to a Fall 2022 survey of agents in the HomeLight network, buyers are prioritizing outdoor space as the top reason for buying a home. If you are looking to sell your home right now, a deck refresh or installation is a fairly quick project that can increase curb appeal for potential buyers.  The average return on investment for a deck is 70%, making this one of the best home upgrades you can make. 

With Key-Link's quality products, you can ensure that you are investing your dollars wisely to get the most beautiful and functional deck railing while also getting a great return on investment. 


Outdoor space is going to continue to be a top priority for homeowners for years to come. Creating a larger space, adding an outdoor kitchen, or simply revamping the railing of your entire deck can create one more finished space in your home. 

Have a custom design in mind? Want to talk about different design choices? Reach out to Inso to find the best options for your home!