IBS 2023 | New Deck Rail Lighting and Fascia Mount Posts from Key-Link Fencing and Railing


As the building materials industry continues to evolve, companies like Key-Link Fencing and Railing are dedicated to innovation and providing their customers with the latest and greatest products. That's why events like the International Builders' Show (IBS) are so critical. IBS is an annual event attended by architects, builders, contractors, and manufacturers from across the globe. Each year, businesses showcase their latest products and innovations, and IBS 2023 was no exception.

Key-Link Chesapeake Series Underlighting & Fascia mount posts

At IBS 2023, Key-Link displayed new products that are already making waves. From the 2-1/2" Fascia Mount System to new Placid Point Lighting offerings, these products are designed to make installation easier, enhance safety, and provide lasting durability to meet the demands of the ever-changing construction industry. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at these innovative products and explore why they should be on your radar.

Here's Clay from Key-Link showing us their new post options:

2-1/2" Fascia Mount System

Key-Link Fencing and Railing's new 2-1/2" Fascia Mount System was a standout amongst its offerings at IBS 2023. The system includes a line mount, inside corner, and outside corner, which are narrower than their 3-1/4" counterparts, but just as robust. Key-Link ensures that both contractors and homeowners can still run cable up to 100 lineal feet with the new slimmer option. Every lineal foot of fascia mount railing adds an extra square foot of usable deck space, to boot, making this system an exceptional way to maximize your outdoor living space. Customers who want a sleek look without compromising on durability should look no further than Key-Link Railing's new 2-1/2" Fascia Mount System.

Placid Point Lighting

Chesapeake Railing Underlighting

Key-Link Railing's Placid Point Lighting is already known for its high-quality, low voltage lighting system. At IBS 2023, Key-Link managed to up its game even further with the introduction of new lighting options that are sure to excite customers. These deck lights include the new Chesapeake Series Rail Underlighting and the new Flush Mount Lighted Cap.

Again, here's Clay showing us the new offerings:

The new Chesapeake Series Rail Underlighting provides bright LEDs installed in the channel on the underside of the top rail, providing subtle but powerful, soft lighting. The Chesapeake Series Deck Rail light is available for all Key-Link railing options, including horizontal cable, vertical cable, and square baluster. This option is great for customers who want to add a touch of sophistication to their outdoor area while providing necessary lighting.

One of the fantastic features of Key-Link Railing's Chesapeake Underlighting option is that it can also be used under the nose of a stair tread. By routing a channel into the deckboard, the LED lights can be adhered to the inside of the stair nose, providing a beautiful luminous glow that adds ambiance and safety to the stairs.

Low Profile Caps

Key-Link Railing's new low profile post caps are a great addition to their product line of deck post lights, offering a sleek and sophisticated option for customers who want a minimalistic design. These caps come in two different options: lighted or non-lighted.

Key-Link Placid Point Low Profile Lighting

The low profile lighted post cap option provides soft glow LED lighting to the outdoor space, providing the perfect ambiance, whether clients are relaxing outside or entertaining friends and family. The cap is installed on top of a deck post, providing soft lighting, with just enough illumination with the right balance of visibility and aesthetic appeal.

For clients who prefer an understated look, Key-Link Railing has introduced a non-lighted option. This version of the low profile post cap is still elegant and straightforward. It is ideal for those who want a minimalistic, yet striking design without the lighting element.

What's more, both versions of the low profile post cap come in various finishes to complement any design preferences, making them suitable for any home or commercial property.

Overall, Key-Link Railing's new low profile post cap options are exceptionally stylish and very functional. They provide just enough illumination to maintain safety at night, while still remaining sleek and unobtrusive during the day. The optional lighting element adds a touch of ambiance that is perfect for any outdoor space, large or small.

In conclusion, Key-Link Railing's new deck rail lights, including its Chesapeake Series Rail Underlighting and Flush Mount Lighted Cap, are the epitome of premium low voltage lighting systems. The options are perfect for clients who want to create an outdoor living area that is stylish and functional. The sleek design and ease of installation are a testament to Key-Link's commitment to innovation and its ability to provide its customers with the latest and greatest products on the market.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your outdoor living spaces with Key-Link Railing's innovative products. Contact us today to submit a quote and see how Key-Link can help take your construction projects to the next level with their latest product offerings.