Chesapeake Series Drink Railing System

Looking to make a change to your deck space? Deck railing is a quick outdoor project to begin your deck design journey. Today we’re going to be highlighting the benefits of a drink railing, the latest design statement for creating a fresh and functional backyard space to enhance your home’s exterior look.

What is a drink railing?

Sometimes also referred to as a cocktail rail, a drink rail provides a flat, usable space on your deck. This can be used to set items such as drinks, plates, and utensils, allowing for a beautiful yet functional outdoor space. The railing provides a wider than average flat space on the top of your deck rail, creating a type of drink rail table that accommodates all your outdoor needs.

Essentially, a functional drink rail is a wide flat deck board top to allow a practical surface for maximum usability while sustaining the sophisticated look of a high-quality deck railing. Installing a beautiful drink rail into your deck design immediately changes the ambiance of your deck into a streamlined barrier that allows for efficient usage while allowing maximum visual area.

Wood colored drink rail with black panel aluminum balusters around a functional outdoor sitting space.

What are the benefits of a drink rail?

Drink rail deck railings are made with gatherings in mind. Love to entertain? Outdoor get-togethers will be enhanced by giving guests a place to set their drinks and food while mingling.

Although it is advertised as a bar drink rail, the surface can be used for a myriad of options. Like to grill and looking for a grownup-friendly space? Use the cocktail railing as a staging area for grilling utensils, rubs, and condiments. Have kids? A drink rail can hold everything from a portable snack basket to a bubble machine. The drink railing is a versatile addition that allows you to personalize your outside area.

In addition to acting as a functional space, the drink railing has practical benefits also.

The Chesapeake series from Key-link allows no light bleed vs. the average deckboard bracket, which means your outdoor space will maintain its smooth, sleek look with no warping or gapping over the life of the deck.

The drink railing also has better holding power, which means sturdy protection of your outdoor space.

What options are included?

When it comes to drink rail systems, the Chesapeake series is perfect for your DIY drink rail design. The cocktail rail from Key-link comes in 6 colors to let you customize the railing to the aesthetic you desire. The color options are textured black, textured bronze, textured white, matte black, oil rubbed bronze, and matte white.

There are 3 different infill options for further customization of your deck: 3/4-inch square balusters for amore classic aluminum metal rails or on trend infill in your choice of vertical or horizontal stainless steel cable railing.

Drink rail with horizontal stainless steel cable infill with a continuous cocktail rail going down a set of stairs around an outdoor space.

If you choose horizontal cable infill, the cable fittings come with level and stair fittings. These slimmed down fittings have full tensioning capacity for safety and security, to ensure continued stability throughout the life of the deck.

The railing is available in rail height of either 36" or 42" and all options come with the option of an ADA accessible secondary handrail, including on stair posts. 

The railing can be installed as a continuous drink rail, for a polished look all the way around, and ensuring maximum usable surface space. Alternatively, it can be installed post to post with sections of drink rail for a more cordoned space. When installing the drink rail between posts, deck lighting can be placed on post caps to create ambiance during outdoor gatherings.

Regardless of the look you desire, the drink rail profile from Key-link makes it possible. You can choose to match your deck or make a statement with a different color. The Chesapeake series allows for you to put your personal style into the railing while keeping up with modern style choices. 

What about quality?

The Chesapeake series is made from high quality aluminum metal railing with vinyl inserts to prevent metal on metal rattling as people move about the deck. The drink rail setup is designed and engineered in the USA. Additionally, the Chesapeake series meets all safety codes to ensure security throughout the life of the deck. This makes it an excellent choice for deck railing both aesthetically and for safety. The horizontal and vertical infill is made of stainless steel cable. 

The railing is virtually maintenance free and can be cleaned with a simple solution of water and a gentle, non-abrasive cleaner.

How does the Chesapeake Series work?

The Chesapeake series makes it easy to bring your backyard project design to life. It comes with a complete installation guide, so you don't need to know the basics of deck framing. It can be installed at home with just a drill and a fine-tooth aluminum saw. It can also be installed professionally, and deck builders love the simple installation and quality components of the drink rail series.  Having installation options as well as a streamlined installation process will make a huge difference in your ability to ensure maximum change with the least amount of disruption. 

Continuous drink railing surrounding a wood colored composite deck with black panel infill

If you choose horizontal cable infill, the cable fittings come with level and stair fittings. These slimmed down fittings have full tensioning capacity for safety and security, to ensure continued stability throughout the life of the deck. 

The series comes in either 6 or 8-foot panels to ensure ease of use and maximum efficiency for your custom space.

Each boxed section includes top and bottom rails, mounting brackets, hardware, infill, and the installation guide.

Why choose Key-link?

The Chesapeake Series Dedicated Drink Rail is an excellent choice for a functional, beautiful railing that will let you add dimension to your outdoor space. Want to make a safe investment in your deck? The continuous cocktail rail from Key-link is 100% covered for life and includes a 5-year prorated labor warranty. Key-link was voted “highest quality railing” among builder brands, so you can feel comfortable that you are making a quality choice from a proven company for your railing.

A drink rail is a versatile way to update your deck to an on-trend space that will allow for years of usable outdoor areas. There are so many drink rail options. Make the choice to ensure you are using the best quality components with a reliable company to ensure durable beauty to last a lifetime.

Ready to start your next outdoor living space project? Looking for the correct drink rail design? Reach out to INSO Supply to take the first step and for a free quote.